Solar energy is a rapidly growing market and it’s no surprise why. Transforming sunlight into a usable energy system that can power an entire building is a smart choice for your pocket and the environment. If you’re considering switching your home or business to solar, you’ve come to the right place. HB Electrical is an established brand, known in the market for high quality work. Our services include custom solar design, installation and maintenance, providing efficient and environmentally sustainable power solutions to fit all of our clients needs.

Our services include:

  • Custom designed solar panels to suit your home location and size
  • Installation of panels
  • Testing and maintenance, including fault finding and repairs
  • Online software to track your solar consumption
  • Periodic cleaning of solar panels
  • Inverter and battery storage installation

Why Solar

Solar power is an easy and safe way to create an energy efficient home, using a free source of energy – the sun. By choosing solar power you’ll enjoy a number of benefits.


Cut your power bills and
avoid future rising energy costs


Reduce your carbon footprint and
create a sustainable future


Keep the lights on when the grid goes down by being completely self sufficient


Increase the value of your home
when it comes to selling

How The Process Works:

We use high-quality and trusted brands to ensure our clients enjoy efficient, renewable and economical energy when switching from traditional electricity suppliers.

Installing solar panels allows you to harness sunlight and convert it directly into electricity. Every time the sun hits the panels it generates a usable energy current that is sent to your home, providing you with free energy! Plus, with the help of a battery you can store solar power and use it even on the darkest of days and nights. So how can you get the process started?

1. Our team will visit your home or business to carry out an inspection and determine the requirements for your property.
2. Once this is complete we will custom design and install your solar power system, as well as liaising with power providers to arrange for a change of meter.
3. We provide after sales support if you have questions or any issues that arise and offer maintenance of the solar panels as an optional paid service.


In an effort to support home owners in using renewable energy, many banks are now offering low interest rates from as little as 2% to install Solar Panels. Talk to your local bank provider today to see if you could be elligiable.


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